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Fridge Covers

Can You Make Your Own Fridge Covers?

Gas range, washing machines, dryers – these are valuable appliances in our home but these are not usually covered. They are just left as is – exposed! But the treatment for fridge is different. Every home has a fridge and you will find most of them with top covers. Why? Are fridge treated with more special care that the other appliances? Or – because the fridge covers are easily found in shops? Or is it because the fridge covers can be easily made?

When you do go to the kitchen accessory section of a shop, you will find lots of small appliance covers. There is a wide array of covers for bread toasters, coffee makers, microwave ovens and juicers. Even though the fridge is a big appliance, there is varied selection of fridge covers as well. Maybe the reason for this is that the fridge cover is a small item since you do not cover the whole refrigerator but only the top of it.

Going shopping, you will find the variation in materials tempting. Most of the fridge covers are made of beautifully designed textiles. The prints can match any décor in your kitchen or dining room. More intricate and more expensive kinds are made of special lines with embroideries or appliqués. They vary in colors but the shape is mostly rectangular. Although there are some oval shaped fridge covers with extra long length. The fridge cover is one appliance cover that you can accessorize. If you find the fridge cover in the shop ordinary for your taste, you can have it custom made or you can do it yourself – that is if you are a crafter.

Here are some ideas on making a unique fridge cover.

For the main material, use cloth, linen or textile of your choice. You will need plain colored cotton for lining and thin foam. You can sew the cover. Put the thin foam in between the main cloth and the lining. Sew them together.

Suggested trimmings

  • One good choice of fridge cover trimming is embroideries and appliqués. If you are adept in embroidery, then you can do it yourself. This will make your fridge cover even more unique because you can choose your own design.
  • You can buy patches with different designs and these will be the appliqués for the fridge cover.
  • Lace is another choice of trimming. You can sew the lace around the perimeter of the fridge cover.
  • Ruffles will be another beautiful edging for the fridge cover’s perimeter.
  • Ribbons also can be attached to accessorize.
  • If you are good in crocheting, you can do it along the edge of your fridge cover.
  • Big pockets on the sides can also be placed to provide additional design to the fridge cover.

Designs for fridge covers are unlimited. As long as your creativity works, you can create designs that can match the decors of your kitchen. These covers are effective protectors and kitchen accents.