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Fabric Appliance Covers

Get Your Kitchen Well-Dressed With Fabric Appliance Covers

Long life of appliances is a goal. Protecting these assets is the best way to extend the life of any appliance. What are the effective means of shielding the appliances in the kitchen? Means of protection are not expensive – affordable and easy to find. These are appliance covers, especially made fabric appliance covers. In the kitchen section of department stores, you will find different kinds and sizes of fabric appliance covers.

In the kitchen, you will find a number of small appliances. Most common are bread toaster, coffee maker, cake mixer and blender. Bigger sized appliances are microwave ovens and food processors. These appliances may not be very expensive, however, their durability is desired. In the kitchen, they can be subjected to inevitable dust, dirt and harmful trash. For their protection, you can find different covers for small appliances available for sale.

Fabric appliance covers are of different designs. They have different prints. Many of these small fabric appliance covers can match the kitchen curtains. What small appliances are there in your kitchen? There are a lot and with each of them with appliance covers , your kitchen becomes dressed-up – beautifully adorned. The appliance covers in themselves are decors of the kitchen.

Many of the fabric appliance covers are made of two layers of cotton with a layer of fleece placed in between the two layers of cotton. The two layers of cotton can be identical or they can be different. If they are different, the good combination will be a printed cotton cloth and a plain one that is coordinated with the printed cotton. Piping cords can be sewn on the edges of the appliance cover to conceal the seams. The piping cords will be decorative. With two fabrics, you can use both sides – inside out. The fabric appliance cover is reversible – the cover doubles in use.

Many fabric appliance covers are box style. So, despite the irregularity of the shape of some appliances, they can be fitted with fabric covers. The fleece, sometimes foam, anchors the cover, making it sturdy enough to stand alone. The cover can conceal your appliance without revealing the irregular shape of the appliance.

Fabric appliance covers are easy to maintain. When dirt accumulates on the cover, these can be laundered. You must take extra care in selecting the fabric for the appliance cover. The cloth must be non-bleeding so that fading is avoided. With good quality of fabric material, frequent washing will not affect the appearance of the cover – it will always exude vibrant colors.

The kitchen, being one of the most favorite rooms in the house, can be made beautiful – better dressed up. Fabric appliance covers will not hurt your budget. These are cheap and can be found and bought in many shops. On-line stores even offer custom made appliance covers.