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Appliance Covers

Give A New Look To Your Kitchen With Small Appliance Covers

The house to have aesthetic appeal does not need expensive decors. Creativity is the key to have a fabulous house atmosphere. As the house can be loaded with appliances, these are the objects of the inhabitants’ concern. Appliances can be made fabulous – dress them up with unique sears appliance repair in your area. Of all the part of the house that has many small item appliances is the kitchen. This is also the family’s favorite area. This nook can be filled with beautiful creations of appliance covers.

What do we have in the kitchen? Of all the rooms, this is jam-packed with small appliances. But the big ones – range and ovens would not necessitate covers as it is used every now and then. Small appliances that need covers are microwave oven, espresso machine, bread toaster, juicer, blender, rice cooker and other everyday kitchen aids. Not only in the kitchen, even in the bathroom, there are small appliances such as manicure-pedicure device, hair blower and curlers. You can even have binoculars, cassettes and cameras in the bedroom. All these small appliances can be protected and customized with small appliance covers.

Although the small appliance covers can be made of a variety of materials, the most favored is still fabric. Other less used materials are polyester, vinyl, plastic and leatherette. Most of the appliance covers are designed with two layers of fabric (cotton or poly-cotton) with a layer of fleece in between. This will make the cover reversible. Usually fat piping cords trim the edges or corners.

Types of covers are dependent on the types of fabrics used in creating the appliance covers. They can be printed fabric or solid colored. The designs are eclectic – what is left for you is to choose the design that complements the motif of your room.

Here are some samples of appliance covers

  • Fabulous Eclectic Covers – These encompass a wide variety of colors and patterns, the fabric has designs that are of the same color as the base making it appear solid in color. Shall we call this – solid color with designs? These covers are fully lined with batting between the exterior fabric and the lining. The batting and lining will enable the covers to hold their shapes and stand on their own.
  • Decorator Covers – These are created with fabrics that are in the line of different floral patterns. Also styled with batting and linings, they can assume a more professional elegance with an optional covered welting.
  • Country-style Covers – These are similar to the decorators cover except that the prints in the fabric are more of country designs, instead of floral prints.
  • Boutique Covers – These are similar to the fabulous eclectic covers where more different fabrics are used in sewing the appliance covers. The main difference is that this does not reflect solid colors. The base is plain pastel color and the designs can come in different colors. They too are made with optional welting around the edges, fully lined with batting between the inner and outer fabrics.
  • Solid Quilted Covers – These can be made with a variety of colors to complement your kitchen or room. As these are quilted, a layer of fleece is placed in between the inner and outer fabrics. Every cover is made of 100% cotton for the outer layer and lining is made of poly-fiber. The materials made the cover stable in standing up and maintaining its shape.

There are still many other designs to choose from. If your still want extra uniqueness, you can custom make the fabric and design to suit your taste and complement your house accents.

Appliance covers are very valuable pieces in every home. They are good in protecting the appliances, especially small appliances. Furthermore, they can accentuate your room and ultimately become a valuable décor. These are available on-line at very affordable cost.